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Expert in Energy Surveying, Energy Management Programmes, Energy Policy & Strategy, High Temperature Processes

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West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise:

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Expert's energy conservation experience was developed at a steelworks where he introduced an improved energy monitoring approach in the rolling mill and heat treatment areas and was instrumental in the introduction and running of energy committees for both areas. The main focus of attention was reheat furnace combustion optimisation, seals and light-up, maximising the amount of steel charged hot to the reheat furnaces and maximising the amount of heat recovered at the waste heat boilers.

Since his move into energy consultancy, Expert's energy conservation activities have expanded into the food and drink, foundry and quarrying sectors to name 3, in addition to the high temperature industries. He has also developed considerable expertise in energy and carbon management, having developed energy policy and strategy for around a dozen companies and run around a dozen long term energy management programmes. This latter activity typically features installation of additional energy meters, the introduction of monitoring and targeting (M & T), awareness raising, provision of staff energy training, introduction of accountability for consumption and energy reporting. Such programmes have been delivered in the steel, foundry, food, textile and supermarket sectors.


energy management


energy conservation


energy policy

On leaving university Expert developed his combustion and furnace experience during 11 years in the steel industry where he installed low thermal mass furnace linings and introduced improved furnace door seals. Expert also project managed the re-burnering of several small test furnaces and ovens and the specification, installation and acceptance testing of a high temperature heat treatment plant including 4 recuperative furnaces and quenching plant. He developed a reheat furnace monitoring system and introduced an organised reheat furnace light-up procedure at the start of the week.

Expert then moved to a role as a high temperature applications specialist for BOC Gases, focusing on the glass and minerals industries and looking to find opportunities where furnace performance (product quality or output) could be enhanced by the use of oxygen. He introduced oxygen enrichment on rotary and vertical shaft magnesite kilns working at up to 1,700° C, on a rotary lime kiln working at 1,450°C and on a wet process cement kiln. His major activity however was in the glass industry, where his experience covers all sectors. He evaluated well over 50 glass furnaces and implemented over a dozen oxygen projects. Half of these involved the use of oxygen injection or oxy-fuel burners to improve the performance of old furnaces, and the others were full oxy-fuel conversions, typically for niche situations.

Since 2000 Expert has been in energy consultancy, involved in a wide range of sectors. His experience has seen him assessing combustion and thermal performance of steam boilers, thermal oil boilers, bakery ovens, glass furnaces, steel reheat furnaces, foundry furnaces and ovens, road stone dryers and lime kilns.


high-temperature furnace




steelmaking furnace

Expert has extensive reporting experience developed over 25 years. This started with plant performance reporting in the steel industry. Working for BOC Gases, Expert produced reports of high temperature furnace evaluations often culminating in an oxygen related proposal. Implemented solutions were also reported so that uptake could be expanded into Group companies in other countries. Sometimes these activities were presented at international conferences or articles were written for technical magazines.

Within energy consultancy, Expert produces a report of every survey, and this is sometimes to the client format but more often to his own format. Expert has also completed reports of feasibility studies and technical assessments for private clients and the Carbon Trust (UK Government agency). Expert's reporting also includes major consultancy projects such as a £75,000 energy management programme at 20 U.K supermarkets and a £500,000 carbon management club featuring 20 companies, run on behalf of a U.K regional development agency. This latter item also included preparation of progress reports every 2 months for the 18 month duration of the project. Expert's reports are typically for senior management and technical staff.


report writing

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution   Honors
1979   BSc(Hons)   Fuel and Combustion   Leeds University   2(1)

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2008 to


(Undisclosed Consulting Company)



Managing Director


He is responsible for running a business involved in the selling and implementation of energy and carbon related consultancy services in the U.K and abroad, with a focus on the heavy manufacturing and high temperature sectors.

2007 to 2008


Bradshaw Consulting



Principal Consultant


He was responsible for selling and implementation of consultancy services and energy management software in the U.K.

2000 to 2007


Enviros Consulting


Climate Change


Technical Director


He was responible for business development and implementation of consultancy services in the U.K and abroad. Other responsibilities included line management responsibility for the Climate Change team based in Leeds, technical review of projects at the bid stage, project management and acting as project director.

1990 to 1999


BOC Gases


Sales Development


Combustion Manager, Glass - N. Pacific


Initially he was a sales development engineer based in U.K, and responsibilities included furnace evaluations, preparation of technical proposals and implementation of oxygen projects in the glass and minerals industries.

On transfer to Thailand, his responsibilities were development of oxygen business in the glass industries of the North Pacific Region, by carrying out the activities described above. A secondary responsibility was skills transfer and training of local staff in the Region.

1979 to 1989


British Steel Corporation


Fuel and Furnaces


Senior Fuel and Furnaces Engineer


His main responsibilities were energy monitoring, project engineering and management of furnace and combustion system projects and implementation of energy saving projects and actions.

Career Accomplishments:

He is a member of the Energy Institute (MEI) and a chartered engineer (C.Eng)

Publications and Patents Summary

He has had half a dozen articles published in the glass industry technical press covering the use of oxygen in glass furnaces

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Glass  
 - Technical Papers from 20th ASEAN Glass Conference  
 - Technical Papers from All India Glass Manufacturers Confederation Conference  
 - Glass International  
 - Glass  

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
2004 to 2005   Yorkshire Forward   Project Manager   He managed a £500,000 carbon management club involving 20 companies from Yorkshire. Duties included allocation of staff and budgets to clients, recruitment of participating companies, running a workshop programme, development of club strategy and reporting of club performance on member progress and carbon reduction
2009 to   One Northeast   Energy support   Provision of energy survey for a steel hot rolling mill and dissemination of findings through a series of seminars and workshops
2000 to   Carbon Trust   Energy consulting   Delivery of energy consultancy assignments in a wide range of sectors, including buildings.

As regards energy surveys, this spanned single day projects in schools through to a 40 day project on an integrated steel works.

Other projects included carbon management scoping studies for a logistics company, a large supermarket chain, a fast food company and a bakery/restaurant chain; a 12 month carbon management programme for a different large supermarket chain; and provision of energy support to the Aggregates sector as part of an industry specific programme.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Expert provided technical, data analysis and energy management support to 10 companies in the aggregates sector as part of the Carbon Trust's dedicated energy programme for the sector. The support provided spanned sand and gravel quarries, limestone quarries, granite quarries, asphalt production, readymix concrete, haulage fleets and energy policy and strategy development.
  • Expert provided a range of support to the Teesside Cast Products integrated steel works over a 2 year period. This included data analysis, energy surveys for the wharf and materials transfer, sinter plant, coke ovens, BOS plant and power station. His work was then expanded to include development of a common energy policy and sepatate energy strategies for the five major operational areas on the site, along with an energy management system for the site.
  • Expert provided support to New Energy Finance in the production of a research note on the impact of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme on the European steel industry. This included discussions with suppliers to the European steel industry along with steel manufacturers in the U.K, Germany and Finland.
  • Expert undertook a detailed energy survey of a specialist Doncasters foundry producing precision components for turbo chargers. This included an energy management review; a metering review; a survey of the 3 induction melting furnaces, casting and site services; and a detailed investigation of the sites large number of mould drying furnaces, covering combustion set-up, insulation, heat recovery opportunities, doors and sealing, charging and maintenance practice.
  • Expert undertook research on the use of melting aids in the glass industry on behalf of ETSU. This involved a literature search, meetings with producers of spodumene and calumite and meetings/discussions with several of the U.K's major glass manufacturers. A report documenting the history and future trends was the final product.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Kiln expert for consulting on kiln drying fire wood logs.
  • Expert for consulting on New Green Technology for Lead acid battery recycling
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1995 to 1998   Asia   Expert was the Combustion Applications Manager - Glass for BOC Gases, based in Thailand but covering Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines China, Japan, India and Australia in adition to Thailand.

The work involved leading the applications related selling effort and evaluating customer furnaces for oxygen related performance emhancement.

2001 to 2002   Venzuela   Expert ran an energy management programme at the Sidetur Steel mini mill at Barqesimeto. He made 6 one week duration visits to the steel works to train the energy team, lead the energy saving identification activity and help with the implementation of savings projects. He also configured the sites M & T software.
2005 to 2007   North America   Expert ran an energy management programme at the Ivaco Rolling Mills plant at L'Orignal, Canada. He spent 9 weeks at the plant spread over several visits to train the two energy teams, raise site energy awareness, identify energy saving opportunities, help with the implementation of savings projects, configuration of the sites M & T software and undertaking all the data analysis to develop site energy targets. Expert also undertook one week duration energy management scoping studies at a snack foods plant in Connecticut, USA and breakfast cereals plants in Mamphis and Columbus, USA.
2009 to 2009   China   In his role as an Associate with Camco Global, Expert undetook a one week audit of selected parts of the integrated steel works at Chongqing, and provided training for steelworks staff and staff of the local energy support office
2008 to 2008   Africa   In his role as an associate with Camco Global, Expert undertook one week duration energy management scoping studies at Consol Glass in South Africa and Central Glass Industries in Kenya. In both cases findings were presented formally to the senior management team in addition to being reported.

Market Research:
Expert has excellent knowledge of energy consumption and drivers for energy reduction in the glass industry, as well as the major players and suppliers ino it.

Expert has good knowlkedge of the steel industry and the major turn-key suppliers to it, as well as the drivers for energy reduction.

Expert has good knowledge of the aggregates sector, energy consumption in it and the drivers for energy reduction.

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Additional Skills and Services:

The following is a selection of the training/presentational activities that Expert has been involved in:

1. Development and delivery of a 3 day glass and combustion training package for BOC staff in North Pacific Region. 2. Development and delivery of compressed air training for the Scottish Food and Drink Federation. 3. Development and delivery of energy management training for Food and Drink Federation. 4. Development and delivery of a ten workshop programme for a carbon management club comprising 20 companies from Yorkshire. 5. Development and delivery of an energy management training programme for industrial clients in Venezuela. 6. Delivery of energy management training, energy awareness training, monitoring and targeting training and energy data analysis training to numerous industrial clients

Expert has also spoken at international seminars and workshops in half a dozen countries covering various experiences using oxygen in glass furnaces and lime kilns.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

During his time in the steel industry, Expert regularly had to source bidders for projects involving low thermal mass furnace linings, installation of combustion equipment and installation of new furnaces

Other Skills and Services

Expert's specialist skills include:

1. Working with clients to implement the changes needed to improve the use, control and management of energy consumption. 2. Evaluating energy consumption in high temperature manufacturing industries 3. Development of energy policy and strategy for clients in a wide range of sectors. 4. Running club type projects where several companies are involved.


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