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Expert in Civil and Military Underwater Related Operations Worldwide

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

United Kingdom
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Summary of Expertise:

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Expert has prepared successfull Tenders and Bids for major multimillion pound subsea and marine civil engineering contracts throughout the Middle and Far East. He has also acted as advisor to companies preparing to go out to tender and advised on best route methodology and equipment and specialised technology requirement. In many cases he has assisted in the design of new equipment and cost-cutting construction methods including the writing of clients' pre tender documentation, safety procedure and control rules and regulations.

He has overseen major offshore and civil marine operations including offshore pipeline and sewer outfall installation and repair, pipeline beach pulls, slipway construction and repair, seabed foundation preparation, obsticle removal, shore protection and Jarlon casing launching and installation. Works have also included all aspects of underwater cutting and welding, explosive excavation of submerged obstacles and harbour deepening projects by drilling and blasting.

On several occasions he has been called in by prime contractors to take over, rectify, manage and complete projects that have reached a fail situation. All such projects were completed successfully.


commercial diving





He is skilled in putting together maintenance programmes for subsea installations including full management of maintenance contracts on behalf of oil and gas, windpower, hydro-electric, power and desalination plant intakes, bridges and culverts and all other types of subsea and underwater facilities.

maintenance management

He has managed multi million dollar contracts worldwide and is highly skilled in setting up and operating specialised sub contract works on behalf of major oil and gas and civil engineering clients and contracting companies throughout the Middle and Far Easts. All works undertaken have been extremely successful. In numerous occasions he has been called in to intervene in clients contracts that have failed either financialy, management or production wise and has on all such occasions successfully reorganised, restructured and restarted such projects and completed them to a succesful conclusion.

business management


change management

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution   Honors
1959   BS Standard   Marine Civil Engineering (External Middle East)   Middle East  
1962     Underwater Operations, Explosives, Hydrography   British Military. UK., Malta., Hongkong and Singapore   Passed all subjects
1988     Underwater Engineering and Construction Management   Underwater Engineering companies middle and far east  
    Underwater Drilling and Blasting plus Commercial Explosives Handling and Storage   Port Buckanan Liberia.  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2004 to 2009





Constructor and Developer


Private development programmes in the UK.

1997 to 1998


AFM Dubai






Technical and financial tender preparation for extensive offshore and civil marine underwater maintenance projects throughout the Arabian Gulf area. Values to 500 million US dollars.

1988 to 1998


Qatar Subsea Services


Subsea Operations


General Manager


Originally appointed by CCC Underwater Engineering Ltd as Area Manager to prepare joint venture company that won the prestigious Qatar General Petroleum contract for all subsea maintenance operations on the offshore and coastal facilities including pipelines, jackets, platforms, slipway and berths. (3 years extended to four years). Direct control pf personnel, Operational methods, Quality/Safety/Envonmental, Technical Support, Logistics/Supply, Business Suport/Finance, New business development. Steered company to success winning most offshore and marine contracts in Qatar. Invited to remain as head of company when Qatari principles ended joint venture to go alone. Tendered and won QGPC 5 year Subsea mainenance contract against strong international competition. Planned and managed large scale technical advances including new/refurbished vessel development, full saturation systems and operation plus ROV Systems. Won other contracts with Maesk, Interbeton and other marine civil organisations. Company developed into second largest subsea engineering contractor in the Middle and Far East. Invited and accepted position as Chairman of Safety and Technical Committee of the International Marine Contractors Association (Middle East).

1979 to 1988


CCC Underwater Engineering




Area Manager and other various roles


1. Called in as troubleshooter to rescue Das Island Project Abu Dhabi 1987-1988. Troubled project that was 80% behind schedule, plagued by unsatisfactory work and subject to severe criticism by the client. Project included construction of a stilling basin., breakwaters.,offshore berm., intake structure., pipelines.,chlorine system., together with all trenching, foundation and backfill works and barge loading/ offloading facilities. Planned and implimented dramatic restructure; re-opened professional communications; stengthened and redepoyed management team; brought project to completion on time and within revised budget. 2. Contract with DANDAR Mukalla South Yemen. Construction of offshore steel pipeline and defusers for Mukalla Sewage system. Dredge and backfill control., technical planning., diving craft outfitting and operation., all offshore and underwater works. Project completed on time and within budget. 3. Audit and suggest solutions for the 94 wreck disposal around the South Yemen Coast. 4. EXPLOSIVES ADVISOR Port Sudan. Sudan. (1986). Seconded from CCCUE to advise on methods of reducing peak particle velocity whilst increasing explosive excavation underwater alongside wharves. Additionaly advised on unstable foundation concret float remedial work and design. 5. Seconded to Consolidated Contractors Abu Dhabi (1985-1986). PROJECT MANAGER for complex Jarlon Caisson programme, including floatation units design and construction, seabed preparation/foundation construction and caisson slipway design and construction, unit lauch and placing of 400t Jarlon Caissons to form desalination and treatment plant intakes. 6. Seconded as PROJECT MANAGER to National Petroleum Construction Company Abu Dhabi for their Zakum offshore oilfield pipeline crossing installation programme. 7. Seconded as DIVING SAFETY ADVISOR to ADMA/OPCO Oil Co Abu Dhabi. Carried out full scale safety audit of all ongoing diving operations and wrote and had issued ADMA/OPCOs Diving safety rules and regulations. 8. PROJECT MANAGER. Trouble-shooting secondment to Middle East Construction Kuwait.(1984-1985) Took over abandoned Power Station project with large marine element.Project at time of abandonment only 40% complete with US$45 million overspend (Kuwait/US jv) Included roads; structures;power distribution;loading points, Intakes etc. Created rescue plan; slimmed down operation;managed recovery that met origional completion date and suffered no actual financial loss. 9. Business Development and Project Management Saudi Arabia.(1979-1984) PROJECT MANAGER MARINE AND SUBSEA for all CCCUE operations on the construction of Jubail Commercial Harbour Phase 2. From origional method studies through all logistic and manpower planning and every stage of implimentation.Included seabed preparation and setting of all blockwork to form the jetties and complete harbour facilty. 10. Civil Engineering design submissions for FUDO re Rabigh Steam Power Station seawater intakes. Saudi Arabia. 11. PROJECT MANAGER for CCCUE operations installing seawater intakes for Jeddah 111 Power and Desalination Plant Jeddah Saudi Arabia. 12. Tendered for and won on behalf of CCCUE the contract to install seawater intakes for SOGEX on their Jeddah 4 Power and Desalination Plant Jeddah Saudi Arabia. 13. PROJECT MANAGEMENT for CCUE on their contract with Costains for the construction of loading berth at GIZAN and Harbour construction Farisan Kabir Island Saudi Arabia. Tendered for and won this contract on behalf of CCCUE and carried out all method planning and underwater installation works on behalf of Costains 14. Seconded to SOGEX Saudi Arabia as planning engineer for restructering all civil, electrical and engineering works for sewater intakes and pumping station Jeddah 4 Power and Desalination Plant.

1974 to 1975


Comex Civil engineering


Civil Engineering


Underwater Operations Consultant


Oversee underwater foundation installation for blockwork jetty

1972 to 1974


Orient Tug and Barge S-E Asia




Managing Director


Managing Director designate. Employed to carry out marketing research for Timber movement throughout South East Asia. Research covered travel to many remote parts of Indonesia, Borneo and Malaysia. Multi Carrier (Oil and Timber) shallow draft vessel design. Barge cantilever deck design.

1967 to 1971


South East Asia Engineers (Singapore)




Manager Deep Diving Systems


Set up Deep diving and mixed gas diving operations. Initial diving and technical team recruitment.Preparation of Diving Bells and hyperbaric chambers purchased from Draeger Germany. International marketing of new division and subsequent joint venture with Comex France. Design and construction of pipe lay barge and on site operation of pipelaying Sihanoukville Cambodia. Wreck disposal Indonesia. Drill rig seabed surveys and explosive conductor cutting off Borneo

1964 to 1971


Universal Divers and Divcon International. UK;Norway;Libya and Algeria




Diver through diving superintendant. Underwater welder and Subsea repair advisor.


Explosives diver drilling and blasting Port Buchanan Harbour Liberia for harbour deepening project. Deep diving and diving table development Royal Naval research Establishment Alverstoke UK. Live line underwater wet welding Mersa Brega Libya.Diving Supervisor Es Sider Libya on pipeline and berth maintenance. Diving Supervisor and subsea repair works Advisor Arzew Algeria.

Career Accomplishments:

AODC (past chairman safety and technical committee, Middle East); Hydrographic Society; American Institute of Welding; Society for Underwater Technology; Royal Institute of Navigation; Institute of Engineers.


AODC grades 1 through 5

Professional Appointments

Chairman Safety and Technical Committee (IMCA Middle East); Underwater Explosives Advisor (Secondment); Managing Director level Appointments; Area Manager level Appointments; General Manager Appointments; Project Manager Appointments; Diving Superintendant Appointments.

Publications and Patents Summary

He wrote and had published numerous internal documents including : Diving Safety regulations for CCCUE., ADMA OPCO., Dulam., QSS and other Oil Companies; Underwater explosives handbook; Riser Installation procedures; Underwater wet welding procedures; Underwater concreting and grouting procedures; and many other company reference publications and QA/QC procedures, QA/QC documentation.

Consulting Services:
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert for consulting on Power Generation Services.
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Expert Witness:
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International Experience:
Country / Region   Summary
Worldwide   Libya, Nigeria, Liberia, Hongkong, Cambodia, Mauritania, Singapore, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Indonesia, Abu Dhabi, Sharja, Dubai,Tunisia, Yemen, France, Norway, UK, Sudan, Egypt and several others. Underwater and offshore operations and international marketing

Market Research:
Senior management both technological and financial in all aspects of underwater and civil marine operations.

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Additional Skills and Services:

Underwater wet welding ARAMCO tests, Subsea explosive excavation, Diving Superintendant and linear decompression, Deep diving decompression table development.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Sourced all items and services for the establishment of commercial diving and subsea maintenance and repair including ROV design and procurement.

Other Skills and Services

Failed project management and restructure. Design of specialised diving equipment including hyperbaric chambers. Overseeing specialised equipment installation into diving support vessels. Designing and setting up offshore work barges and their lift and diving capabilities. Overseeing clients sub contract subsea operations. Negotiating contracts on behalf of clients and contractors.


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