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 Expert  728951

Expert in Plumbing System Design; Water Fittings Design; UK Water Regulations; Legionella

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

United Kingdom
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Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
Expert has been involved for many years in Expert witness work. He has long been a member of the U.K. Register of Expert Witnesses. He joined this organisation in particular due to the fact that the Register has a policy of vetting members work on a regular basis. He has also recently benn admitted as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers and is listed on their web-site of Engineers available for expert reports and testimony.

Expert maintains his knowledge of the current requirements as an inbiased expert by using the U.K. Expert Registers web site to access the latest information and advice.

He has recent experience of such work and is currently actively engaged on various projects. He is also regularly engaged to advise the advertising Standards agency on matters relating to water products. He has undertaken research for tham on various types of electro-magnetis water conditioners and also on other water related issues. His report on electro-magnetic devices lead the Agency to revise their guidance on allowable advertising for these devices.

His experience of testing and standards has resulted in many reports being used in expert testimony. He was recently involved as a joint expert on a case relating to the use of water meters; and another case regarding the protection if hose union bib-taps when installed in farm buildings gave evidence on behalf of the buildings user.

He has worked in the past on work regarding mains pipe-line failures, sewer failures, MDPE electrical ducting failures upon a large industrial estate, failure to a copper jointing system within a large government office complex, numerous small bore copper pipe failures, incidents of "blue" water and plumbing failures, valve failures etc.



commercial dispute


compensation dispute


construction defect


construction dispute


construction safety


consumer safety


contract dispute








contractor safety


expert testimony


failure analysis


expert witness

Expert has undertaken work in the design and construction of hot and cold water systems for both commercial and domestic facilities. In particular he has undertaken work on buildings where the original design has failed to meet the owner's requirements; or to meet the requirements of the plumbing codes existing in the UK.

He has been particularly involved lately in the design of a complete new water system in a large domestic dwelling in North Wales which contained five en suite bedrooms and large living areas where the installed system was both expensive to operate and did not meet the UK Water Regulation's requirements. The new system was fully designed and new plans, scope of works, programme of works etc provided so as to ensure the plumber installed the system in accordance with the new design were provided. Expert oversaw and approved the installation and was fully involved in the commissioning process which resulted in successfull completion of the works.

In addition he designed and oversaw the constuction and commissioned a large water storage system for a southern hospital trust, and later was awarded a further contract to oversee the analysis and inspection of the site's bore holes and the design and construction of a new water storage system for the same hospital. He undertook the contractual arrangements and design of a large cistern refurbishment to another hospital trust and commissioned the system after its installation.

He has during his fourteen years employment with WRc-NSF and in his six years as proprieter of RAH Consultancy been involved in the inspection of a large number of plumbing systems so as to ensure that they complied with the requirements of the UK Water Regulations in particular and also of the British Standard BS6700 regarding plumbing installation, commissioning and testing. He has been involved in the investigation of failures which have occurred to piping systems and water fittings and attachments within premises. these buildings included high rise office blocks, government offices etc as well as domestic properties.

In particular he was involved in the inspection of a number of failed mains during a water companies refurbishment and installation of water metering systems, he identified the cause of failure and provided a means of restitution.

He was involved in the inspection of a large sewer tunnel lately installed by a large UK water company and which had failed within one year of its construction. The installation within the tunnel of 500mm GRP pipe work within a concrete benching had failed and the pipes were breached and leaking. The cause of the failure was proven to be due to a failure in the design of the concrete benching and this was accepted by parties acting for the contractor gaining the water company satisfactory damages.

He has carried out superstore hot and cold water system inspections on behalf of a major company so as to ensure the stores were compliant with the Water Regulations and wrote detailed reports on the changes necessary so as to ensure they would remain compliant.




pumping system design


water treatment system design


piping system


piping system design


plumbing system

Expert has been involved in the production of various Standards from the start of his carreer with WRc-NSF to the present day. The UK water companies have long used Water Byelaws which have noe been replaced by the Water Regulations and these formed the basis of all the work conducted by the Laboratory. Products were tested to a range of UKAS Accredited Test Methods which were based on the relavent parts of British and later, European Standards. These test criteria were written and amended in house and Expert was always involved in this work. Where no relevant test criteria existed these were written by members of staff and were accepted by the water company body that was responsible for overseeing the scheme.

In addition to working on internal standrads Expert has been a Member of European Standard Committees including TC 164 WG7 & WG8. In British Standards he has in particular undertaken committee work pertaining to Water Meters and their testing and that relating to "Safe Working Temperature Thermostatic Mixing Valves".

These valves were produced for use in the national health service initially and Expert instigated the initial meeting of a panel of Health Service Engineers, Valve Manufacturers and the WRc test house which he represented at that initial meeting. As a result of this meeting an Industry Standards Committee was formed on which he served during the drafting of test criteria to ensure valve would be anti-scald. This standard was accepted by the industry and a Certification Scheme was set up which was managed by WRc. Expert had written all the test methodologies for the scheme, designed and built the test rig and obtained UKAS Acredditation for the rig. He also acted as secratary to the Scheme for some time and continued to serve the committee as a technical advisor. The Scheme successfully continues to this day and has been extended to include domestic anti-scald valves as well.

In Water Metering Expert has been heavily involved in the design, construction and operation of a water meter testing rig and successfully gained NAMAS Accreditation for this testing and calibration work. He wrote all the test code sheets, manuals etc and provided the numerical calculations for the test rigs limits of error.

He has contributed to various standards committees through reading and annotating standards studied during the production of testing criteria and during the editing stages of Standards production.

In addition he was involved in the production of a Legionella Control document that he was contracted to write whilst working for WRc. He was selected by H.M. Prison Service to write for them a revised document relating to Legionella Control and including all relevant contracts and procedures so as to ensure compliance with health abd safety legislation, this required study of current legilation in other countries so as to ensure best possible practice. The WRc team of which Expert was contract manager produced the document and it was accepted by the Prison Service.

Expert has also been co-opted in the past to a Committee of the Building Research Establishment who were creating an Industry standard for the testing and certification of "grey water systems." This standard consisted of two sections, one relating to installation, commissioning and safety features, including areas relavent to Water Regulations and the other setting out a testing method. This Standard is still current.


drafting code


drafting standard


industry standard


plumbing code


plumbing standard


British Standards Institution


building code


engineering specification

Expert has mentioned under his standards expertise his involvement in the writing of Guidance on the control of legionella fon behalf of the H.M.Prison Service.

He also undertook the contract managemant of a project undertaken on behalf of H.M.Prison Service on an investigation of the growth of Fungi within G.R.P. Cisterns installed in prison premises, this project arose out of concern as to the presence within these growths of legionella. The report was able to conclude that the dangers from these growths were moderate but of concern.

He has undertaken a contract within a large southern hospital trust for the examination of the water sytem over the entire site; the production of diagramatic arrangement drawings of the established works and the writing of a subsequent report as to the design changes necessary o ensure best practice.

His work continued with the inspection of a large luxury apartment block in London where high water temperatures were regularly occurring. This work resulted in long term monitoring of the premises until recommended reconstruction could commens.

He is currently engaged on a Legionella enquiry in Egypt.

He maintains currency with the latest developements by regular updates from noted internet sites.


Legionella pneumophila


Legionnaires' disease


health safety


environmental design


building safety


cooling equipment code


hospital safety


European statute

Expert has been involved for many years in helping manufacturers to design their products so as to comply with the very specific requirements of the UK water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. These Regulations require that devices be manufactured from specific materials (which have themselves been tested for compliance) and may also limit water usage of devices and require specific types of back-flow protection depending on where the water will be discharged. In recent years whilst self-employed he has continued to provide guidance to manufacturers in the design of products some of which are listed below.

The design of a Type DC Backflow Prevention device for the manufacturer of a range of invalid bathing equipment. The design of the back-flow prevention device exclusively for use on the invalid bath required the manufacture of prototype devices. The testing of the device prior to its submission to the Test and Assessment Group of the WRAS and negotiation with the panel as to its suitability to meet the requirements for this type of device and as to its meeting the design requirements of the relevant European Standard. As a result of Expert's assistance the device has gained acceptance and is now a “listed” product.

Work for a manufacturer of jug filters regarding the design of a new product range for direct connection to the water supply. This design included providing reports as to the suitability of various products submitted by manufacturers and as a result of these reports providing a number of recommendations as to a suitable manufacturer. The consultancy continued with Expert being involved in the design process, he was particularly involved in the design of a flow monitor that was required to inform the filter user of the devices continued efficiency. He advised on their materials of construction etc and on the back-flow requirements. The gaining of WRAS product certification for the product's use within the UK was obtained and the product has been successful.

A particular area of his expertise is in the testing of products for compliance with British, European and World wide standards. This has often lead to consultancy work on a product so as to make it more saleable in a variety of markets. In many cases this requires either changes to the materials or to the product design itself. This has been particularly relevant to Thermostatic Mixing Valves in which area Expert has a great deal of experience.

Lately he has been involved in the production of a thermostatic valve that was required to meet the anti-scalding specification legislation in the UK. This valve was falling behind in its design and Expert was called in to provide advice on the product. As a result of studying the devices operation under test he was able to rapidly suggest the required alterations in its design and the prototype was rapidly brought up to production quality and has now entered the market on time.

Expert has been involved with another thermostatic manufacturer in bringing to market a range of valves and has been involved in the testing of these types of valves for fifteen years. During all this time inspection of the valves operating characteristics has provided him with the knowledge to suggest constructive amendments that have resulted in under performing valves meeting regulatory requirements.


design engineering


design for cost


design review




engineering design




product design


automatic control device

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Flow Measurement and Metering
Industrial Utilities and Forensic Engineering
Flow Metering, Flow Control Devices, and the Water Meter...
Flow Measurement, Level Measurement, Process Control,...

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution   Honors
2001   City & Guilds   Certificate for Utility Operations– Water Distribution - Water Regulations for Enforcement Staff.   City & Guilds Certificate  
1976   Cerificate of Competency 1st class   Engineering - Motorship   Board of trade  
1970   Endorsement to O.N.D.   Marine Engineering   Institution of Marine Engineers, in assoc. Dept of Educ.   Distinction
1968   O.N.D.   Marine Engineering   Institution of Marine Engineers, in assoc. Dept of Educ.  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2004 to 2010


RAH Consultancy





Expert is sole proprietor of a water consultancy business specialising in commercaial and domestic water systems.

1989 to 2004




New Projects


Senior Account Executive


Expert was responsible for contract management of many projects such as water meter testing, thermostatic valve testing and was promoted to head up the new certification scheme "Buildcert"

1984 to 1988


R A Expert





Expert had undertaken expatriate works on projects in South America, Saudi etc and also owned a hotel-restaurant.

1980 to 1983


Hawker Siddeley Power Engineering Ltd



Commissioning Engineer


Expert had responsibility for mechanical commissioning of diesel power stations at New Marte, Nigeria and north Mole, Gibraltar.

1978 to 1980


Tillsley & Lovatt


Large Engines Division




Expert had a position as Engineer in the overhauling and maintenance of large bore diesel engines within this organisation. Final position at New Marte, Nigeria where he was offered a position with the main contractor.

1976 to 1978


Canadian Pacific



2nd Engineer Officer.


Expert had served as Second Engineer Officer on the bulk carrier fleet of Canadian Pacific. Served on vessels up to 250,000 tons. His career at sea was terminated by an accidental slip and fall down a ship's hatch whilst dry docking in Setubal. Portugal, this resulted in a fractured pelvis that required six months to recuperate.

1966 to 1976


Ocean Fleets Ltd



2nd Engineer Officer


Expert has served in all ranks from Cadet Engineer Officer to Second Engineering Officer. Completed a five and a half year apprenticeship that included experience within the companies ship repair shore based staff. Attained a First Class Certificate of Competency and sailed as Second Engineer Officer at the early age of 26.

Career Accomplishments:

FCIPHE. IEng. IMarEng. M.I.MarEST. UK Register of Expert Witnesses.

Professional Appointments

Secratary, Kiwa (U.K.) Water regulations Approval Scheme, Advisory and Auditing Committee.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Wrc  
 - Wrc Evaluation and testing Centre.  

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
2006 to   Advertising Standards Authority   Consultant   Expert has provided detailed research regarding the fitness for purpose of various water conditioning devices. The culminating reports were used in assessing the content of a number of adverts regarding such devices.
1996 to 1996   H.M. Prison Service   Consultant   Expert was contract manager and author of a revision of the Control of Legionella Document.
1994 to 1995   H.M. Prison Service   Consultant   Expert was Contract Manager of an investigation into ungi and Nematodes colonising GRP Water Storage Cisterns.
1998 to   NHS Estates   Committee Member   Expert has been heavily involved in co-operating with NHS Estates in the production of Health guidance Note "Safe" hot water and surface temperatures and Standard D 08 Thermostaic Mixing Valves for use in health care premises.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Expert has been requested to act as the Secretary of the Advisory and Audit Committee of the KIWA UK Water Regulations Approval Scheme. This Committee has been set up to act as an overseeing body for this scheme which offers approval of products to the requirements of the Regulator's Criteria. This committee acts as an overseeing body to ensure probity in the operation of the above Scheme and is not intended to act as a rival to WRAS but to seek to operate in liaison with it.
  • Expert has advised the Dutch national test house KIWA on the design and testing of Thermostatic Mixing Valves for Domestic and Health-Care applications.
  • Expert has provided an experts report with regard to a bore hole system on a country property in the north of England. Inspection of the property water supply, taking of water samples and instructing the laboratory on the required testing. Provision of a report on the boreholes compliance with good practice and the necessary rehabilitation of the same.
  • Expert has advised the householders of a property in North Wales as to the quality of the plumbing and heating systems within their premise. Providing a detailed report as to the systems compliance with the Water Regulations and to BS 6700 and the Plumbing Design Guide. Negotiation with the Builder as to the requisite actions to be taken. On his eventual agreement with the reports findings the total plumbing system was redesigned by him, working drawings provided and all the plumbing re-installed in accordance with best practice. The plumbing works was overseen by him, and was installed and commissioned to the complete satisfaction of the building's owner and without occasion to go to court.
  • Expert has provided advice regarding the failure of a water supply system within a hotel situated in Northern Ireland where the local water undertaking and his contractor had been conducting a mains water repair in the area. Testing of the failed fitting and provision of a report on the failure.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in for material selection in water equipments.
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
Expert has been involved for many years in Expert Witness work. he has long been a member of the U.K. Register of Expert Witnesses. He joined this organisation in particular due to the fact that the Register has a policy of vetting members work on a regular basis. He has also recently benn admitted as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers and is listed on their web-site of Engineers available for expert reports and testimony.

He has been involved in both criminal and civil litigation and has acted as a joint expert and for both the litagent and appellant. He understands his overriding duty is to the court and that he should not deviate from his opinion and his reports should be accurate and complete.

Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Pipework expert for consulting on Defective pipework installation.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
2006 to 2010   Holland   Advice and secratarial work to Dutch National Test Labaratory. Auditing of test files.
2006 to 2008   Austria   He was involved in the design of a back-flow preventer for incorporation within an invalid bath for sale in the U.K.
2001 to 2001   Australia   He was flown out to Australia to advise a company on the design and operation of a Thermostatic Mixing Valve test rig.
2000 to 2000   Oklahoma, U.S.A.   Expert had been called to advise a manufacturer of control valves on the required testing of these valves for British Approvals.
1997 to 1998   India   Expert had a major role within a contract advising the Corporation of Mumbai on their future policy on water meter selection and revenue collection.

Market Research:
Due to his position as Secratary of the KIWA (U.K.) Water Regulations, Advisory and Auditing Committee he is well to the forefront gaining knowledge of industry and government attitudes regarding legilation and testing.

Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding your marketing research, industry research, and company research needs.  For research needs involving multiple experts or secondary research, a Research Director can be assigned to coordinate the work into a custom report for you as a potentially quicker and more cost effective alternative to doing this work yourself or hiring a boutique consultancy.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

Additional Skills and Services:

Designing a course and then acting as a lecturer with regard to the current Water Regulations and the Installation, Commissioning and Testing of Thermostatic Mixing Valves meeting TMV2 and TMV3 requirements. The work included the provision of all course notes, exam papers etc for an in-house City and Guilds course on behalf of a large water condition monitoring organisation.

Seminars to the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management regarding latest developements in Legionella Control as part of their continuous professional developement.

A Series of lectures on Water Regulations and Thermostatic Control to groups of health service staff throughout the country on behalf of a bathing equipment manufacturer.

Lectures to the countries major water company staff on the requirements of the Water Regulations.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Sourcing of equipment for a range of projects, such as test rig building and developement, parts and materials of construction for the production of water fixtures abd fittings on behalf of manufacturers. In addition negotiating price and delivery of bulk water items such as large capacity water cisterns, pumps, housings etc.


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