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 Expert  729342

Expert in Adult Psychology, Mental Health Issues, specializing in Criminal Behavior

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Maryland (MD)
Education Work History Career Accomplishments Consulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise:

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Expert specializes in the treatment of mental health issues in adults with issues relative to mental health or psychological problems that present them with challenges. These adults often present with stressors that interrupt their lives and feel insurmountable. Issues range from depression and other mood disorders to everyday problems relative to work, home and family. She has spent almost 10 years treating the adult with therapy in a safe setting. She has maintained group and individual therapy in a productive setting for this time. She specializes in mood conflict, legal issues, or other impulsive thinking.

mental disorder





Expert specializes in the adult population with a range of mental health issues often combined with illegal behavior. Her clients often are on parole or probation and all are referred by the Court system. Patients often face legal stipulations following the arrest for impulsive or compulsive behavior. She treats the entire criminal justice client who often presents with a variety of conflicts. Her experience includes those with sexual disorders, addictions, aggressive crimes, crimes that harm others, and impulsivity. She is able to treat the criminal population through cognitive behavioral methods. She has spent almost 10 years treating the client involved in the probationary system.



adult psychology




behavioral psychology


correctional psychiatry




criminal behavior


criminal psychology

Expert specializes in the treatment of adults with impulsive or compulsive disorders. She has treated for almost 10 years those with compulsive sexual behaviors including crimes against others. She offers cognitive behavioral methods to the impulsive and often inappropriate sexual thoughts. She has treated both harmful and personal sexual disorders. She has given both education and therapy to the sexually disordered client and fostered a sexually healthy adult client. She treats the client often involved in the criminal justice system. Her clients are often on probation or parole. She has been able to address legal issues and their sexually inappropriate thoughts and addressed this in a safe setting. Her use of behavioral therapy addresses the need for safe thoughts and behaviors. Sexual behaviors and sexual thoughts are consistently explored and examined to replace with appropriate behavior.

behavioural psychotherapy


clinical psychology


compulsive sexual behavior


forensic psychology


psychosexual behavior


sex therapy


sexual behavior



Expert offers drug and alcohol treatment to the criminal justice client as well as the self referred client. She has addressed issues regarding addiction including alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin and prescription drug abuse. She has offered effective curriculums for these clients in order to interrupt the cycle of abuse or dependence. She has over 15 years experience treating those with addictions and may or may not have legal consequences. She is familiar with the cycle of abuse that often prolongs the ability to become abstinent. She has experience and encourage participation in 12-step systems.


Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;  Allentown, Pennsylvania;  Reading, Pennsylvania;  Lancaster, Pennsylvania;  Baltimore, Maryland;  Frederick, Maryland;  Camden, New Jersey;  Vineland, New Jersey;  Wilmington, Delaware;  and Alexandria, Virginia.

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution   Honors
1996   Master's Degree   Psychology/Counseling   University of Baltimore   Magna Cum Laude

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2002 to





Clinical Director/Owner


Expert owns and operates a private practice that specializes in sexual disorders, addiction and aggression in the criminal justice populations. She is the sole administrative and therapeutic person within this organization; She is responsible for 100 clients as well as the marketing, human resources, contact with professional resources, and financial responsibility for this company. She fosters and maintain constant communication with the legal and mental health community. She provides group and individual therapy daily. She specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy.

1997 to 2002


John Hopkins Hospital


Addiction Treatment Services


Psychiatric Therapist


She treated dually diagnosed clients being treated for mental health reasons as well as addiction therapy. Patients were heroin and cocaine addicts. She offered group and individual therapy for a large case load. She correlated their care, with medical staff, and adjusted their care accordingly. She monitored their therapy and their adjustment to methadone.

Career Accomplishments:

Certificate in Treating Sex Offender Treatment; Licensed supervisor in addictions treatment

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
2009 to 2010   Department of Corrections   Vendor   She has been awarded ability to treat 66 sex offenders; these offenders will be seen for group therapy
2003 to 2010   Department of Probation   Vendor   Maintain constant contact and accept referrals daily for the treatment of probationers in mental health treatment

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • She has seen clients for 10 years in the criminal justice systems. This has been for a variety of services including individual and group therapy. She has maintained contact with all of their referring resources including Department of Parole and Probation or their attorney.
  • She has interacted and provided written material to the legal community. She has completed assessments and other consultations to inmates before and after release.
  • She has professional relationships with all legal entities including probation, the prison systems, jails, lawyers, task forces, and any other referring agencies.
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
She has testified in Court regarding the assessment, clinical notes, or other information in a client's clinical chart. She has testified regarding her clinical impressions after interacting with client in court, jail, or her practice. She has completed assessments or consultations at the direction of attorneys while client is in the jail or prison system.
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Market Research:
She has a certification in sex offender treatment; she is presently in the process of obtaining a PsyD for clinical psychology.

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Additional Skills and Services:
Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

She has a staff well versed in treating the criminal justice client.

Other Skills and Services

She is well versed and comfortable in meeting and assessing the criminal justice client whether incarcerated or not. She is comfortable in meeting this client in the prison system.


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