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Expert in Technology

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California (CA)
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Summary of Expertise:

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Expert is an expert on Industrial Automation, Micro-controllers, Embedded Memory, Mobile Internet and Intelligent Environments. Expert was Platform Strategist in Intel's Architecture Group since 2008. She led Intel's effort into Low Power Domains Software Architectures and Linux Delivery Strategy. She invented Reduced Interoperability (RI) methodologies, which were adopted Intel wide for architecting, validating, and testing platforms. She received the Technology Innovation Award and was featured on Intel IAG magazine/Intel Circuit.

Expert was with Symantec from 2003 to 2007, where as Director of Development she owned Symantec's Enterprise Provisioning products. She managed global development teams in India, Germany, and USA to deliver product releases and features. Expert also led Offshore R&D Global Integration for the Symantec's $10 billion+ Veritas acquisition. She saved $20 million in R&D costs in the very first year of the largest software acquisition in history. Before the acquisition, Expert was Principal Engineer at Veritas, and her team developed the world's first network-based storage virtualization.

Prior to Symantec, Expert was with Computer Associates since 1997. There she invented the Root Cause Analysis and Event Correlation Engine in 2001, which consistently put CA in Gartner's Event Correlation Analysis Magic Quadrant. Expert also Automated Allstate IT infrastructure processes, resulting in CA winning its largest contract, a $200 million 10-year all products contract.

Expert was the CTO of the Emerging Technologies Group at TIBCO Software. She served on the Advisory Board at Panacea Software, and was a Consultant on the Thomson-Reuters Insight Expert Network. She was also featured as a guest on various radio shows, and is a regular IEEE keynote speaker. Expert's early pioneering inventions include the first small scale industries capacitor manufacturing robot.

Expert received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from Oakland University at Michigan, sponsored by Nokia Research Center with a focus in Mobile Internet Protocols. She received her Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering with Distinction from the Indian Institute of Technology at Delhi.


automation technology


business process re-engineering


chip-on-board technology


communications technology


computer software technology innovation


computer system integration


computer technology


computer-aided design and manufacturing


computer-aided manufacturing


data storage system


database technology


decision support system


enterprise application integration


enterprise resource planning


enterprise resource planning software


hard-disk technology


information technology


information technology compliance


information technology management


information technology security


microprocessor chip manufacturing




product design


product information management


relational database


relational database management system


SQL database

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Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: San Jose, California;  San Francisco, California;  Sacramento, California;  Oakland, California;  Stockton, California;  Fremont, California;  Modesto, California;  Salinas, California;  Santa Rosa, California;  and Hayward, California.

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution   Honors
2001   PhD   Mobile Internet Protocols   Oakland University, MI, USA  
1996   M.S   Computer Science   Oakland University, MI, USA  
1984       Indian Institure of Technology, Delhi   Distinction

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2010 to


(Undisclosed Consulting Company)





Expert Consultant: Seminar on “Industrial Automation.” Currently working on a second book. Media (Radio, TV, Internet) Shows.

2008 to 2010


Intel Corporation



Platform Architect, Intel Architecture Group,


Lead, Interoperable Architecture Initiative, Client Platforms: Delivered Platform Interop Architecture Specs for 2011 platforms. Created innovative methodologies, process and technologies adopted by future platforms. Validation and testing focused on true vulnerabilities while eliminating unnecessary ones. Impact was timely delivery of better quality platforms. Lead, Mobile Technologies, Retail Customers: Developed a new ground up model and influenced OEM technologies through retail. Impact was successful Delivery of Best Buy Blue Label 2 with Technology Leadership. Lead, Software Architectures, Low Power Domain: Analyzed the LPD 2009-2010 proposed hardware solution for which funding was requested. Impact was an early warning to decision makers to invest into appropriate initiatives. Platform Strategist, Client Linux Execution Strategy: Developed unified strategy and critical execution timelines for delivery of Linux. Impact was this enabled earliest platform deployment. Platform Strategist, Multi Generation Velocity and OEM Ready Strategy: Developed strategy to address Microsoft programs for all platforms. Ensured that all engineering, marketing and strategic groups are aligned with this strategy. Strategist, Office of the CTO, EMC Corporation [2007-2008]: Corporate Strategies for SOA and Service Oriented Information Infrastructure (SOII). Defined and drove corporate strategies and solutions for SOII and SOA enablement. Architected and built integration solutions so as to make EMC much more than sum of the parts in its diverse product portfolio built through mergers and acquisitions. Influenced through CTO Council and other forums the technology, product, partnerships and acquisitions direction for the company across the corporation.

2007 to 2007


TIBCO Software


Emerging Technologies Group


CTO (Chief Technology Officer)


Leadership Vision for Company's Emerging Technologies for business agility and predictive business: Major enhancements and integration of technologies in service-oriented architecture (SOA), business process management (BPM) success, Business Optimization (BO), and Complex Event Processing (CEP).

2003 to 2007


Symantec, USA [2003-2007]





Developed Software for company's Recovery, Access, Provisioning and Security Solutions. Symantec Product Lines include: Live State Delivery, Enterprise Manager, Patch Manager, Package Manager, and Live State Discovery. Turned around R&D and support of Symantec's provisioning business: Provided strategic direction to the product lines; Created, launched and executed the protocol transition strategy; Managed global teams in India (30 people), Germany (50 people) and USA (50 people); Built offshore CRT operations focused on resolution of escalated customer issues and regular release of service updates; Delivered Products per roadmaps on new releases, features, enhancements, platforms. Resulted in decrease of R&D cost by one eight (16 million down to 2 million) and a drastic increase in the quality of products validated by satisfaction surveys.

Led Offshore R&D Global Integration of Symantec-Veritas $10+ billion acquisition. Realized the cost and revenue synergies of SYMC-VRTS merger: Doubled the Offshore R&D workforce (from 1000 to 2000); Leveraged Global Software Development model; Implemented India Operations as a shared service model; Integrated Availability and Security Technologies; Accelerated product roadmaps for Gateway Security, Network Security and Mail Security. Resulted in R&D cost savings of $20 million in first year after merger and a substantial decrease in the time to market for products.

Led Offshore R&D for the storage virtualization product on SAN intelligent switches (VSFN). Met the need for a scalable storage volume management or virtualization solution: Architected a network based solution (VSFN), where virtual disk array controller resides in the Storage Area Network (SAN) that enabled centralized volume management; Implemented VSFN's network-based virtualization to push up the disk array controllers and volume management software residing on hosts onto the Fiber Channel switch in SAN; Implemented OEM solutions with Cisco and Brocade, on their intelligent switch hardware. Resulted in the VSFN technologies that enable enterprises to move away from proprietary, expensive disk array virtualization silos to a superior network based solution with centralized management capabilities and flexibility in management of storage across heterogeneous disk arrays.

2002 to 2003


Quest Software



Chief Technology Architect


Provided vision and strategic technical direction in Company Business and Technology. Expanded company revenue to provide end to end management of IT infrastructure: Business Vision and Strategic direction to company in regards to the acquisition strategy; Identified white spaces in product portfolio and analyzing potential acquisition targets; Performed Due Diligence and Integration costs assessment; Planned and executed of integrations of multiple acquisitions.

Broadened product portfolio and Improved company technologies to enable enterprise customer's challenge of optimization of their business processes utilizing underlying IT applications: Provided leadership, architectural directions to a development team of 600 employees; Measured transaction performance of all layers of application stack such as enterprise applications, application servers, databases and Java based applications; Designed solutions to optimize the traversal time of business transactions originating from clients and passing through many different infrastructure components; Integrated different application monitoring products and built Common Data Repository, Performance Data Warehouse and Common Management Reporting; Designed management reports for end-to-end monitoring of business processes to conduct cost analyses, proactive service level management, triage, capacity and resource planning.

1997 to 2002


Computer Associates



Trusted Technical Advisor to CIO-Allstate


Turned around a losing $10 million CA Unicenter contract with Allstate, and a failing CA effort at managing highly complex Allstate's IT infrastructure budgeted at 1 billion. Implemented: CA Advanced Help Desk to serve over 150,000 Allstate regional offices and agents; CA Unicenter to remotely manage 10,000 servers and 75,000 network devices; CA eTrust for central security system for computer resources for 100,000 users; Other innovative technology solutions based on 1000 CA products (in six brands including Unicenter, BrightStor, eTrust, etc.) for Allstate's needs of storage, application life cycle management, data application, predictive modeling, portal and business intelligence. Resulted in fundamentally improved CA technologies, and automated IT infrastructure processes at Allstate that drastically cut down their costs of ownership and $200 million all-products-contract.

Produced a high-quality networking product for the leading UNIX system OEM, NCR: Developed the networking technology that was the core of all networking products for NCR; Developed UNIX-based STREAMware TCP for IPv4 and STREAMware NFS. Resulted in a high-quality TCP/IP networking product for the leading UNIX system OEM, NCR.

2000 to 2001


Nokia Research Center



Research Associate (part time)


1996 to 1997


AON Consulting



Senior Programmer Analyst


Career Accomplishments:
Professional Appointments

Served on Advisory Board: Panacea Software.


Recognitions: U.S. government: “Extraordinary Ability” in the Highest Immigration Category; Distinguished Alumni Award, IIT Delhi 2011 (Nominated); Guest Technology Speaker on “Dresser After Dark” (aired on Dec 29, 2010) and “Felice Gerwitz” (to be aired on April 4, 2011) Internet Radio Shows; Book Exhibit, IIT Delhi Golden Jubilee Celebration Exhibition, 2010; Keynote Speaker, “Future Intelligent Environments”, IEEE Embedded Systems Event, 2010; Book showcase in Oakland University, 2010; Technology Innovation Award from Executive-VP, Intel, 2009; Featured on Intel IAG magazine/Intel Circuit, 2008; Keynote Speaker, “Future Computing Trends”, IEEE Embedded Systems Event, 2008; Chair, Journal Editor: at IEEE conferences and other forums; Gartner's Magic Quadrant: Inventions of CA Event Correlation for 2003, 2006 and 2007 "Best Scientist Award," CSIR National Lab; 1st Artificial Intelligence Expert Systems for diagnosis of distress in concrete; 1st Natural Language Interfaces to databases on codal provisions; 1st Capacitor Manufacturing Robot for small scale industries.

Publications and Patents Summary

She has authored a book on intelligent environments. She is currently working on a second book on advanced mobile technologies. Patents (In process): Invention of RI (Reduced Interoperability) Validation Sets for Platforms; Automated Top Down Process to Conduct Interoperability Architectural Assessments; Minimal Set of Test Configs for Platforms; Correlating and Determining Root Causes of System and Enterprise Events.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - INTEL  
 - IEEE  

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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1991 to 1994   India   Research Faculty, Department of Computer Science, IIT Delhi [1991-1994]
1986 to 1991   India   Scientist, National CSIR Lab (NCB), [1986-1991]
1984 to 1986   India   Hardware Engineer, R&D, HP [1984-1986]

Language Skills:
Foreign Language  

Additional Skills and Services:

Developed Seminar for McKinsey on "Industrial Automation." Developed client executive seminars and training programs for Allstate (CA technologies), Airline industry(TIBCO), and Retail, OEM and ODM (Intel).

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Routinely do this as part of my responsibilities in EMC, Symantec, Quest Software.


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