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Expert Directory >> Experts: Thermodynamics to Total
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Expert in Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Energy Conversion Systems (Power and Propulsion), and Computer Modeling

Maryland (MD), USA

Expert in Thermoforming and European, Middle Eastern and India Markets

Essex, United Kingdom

Expert in Thermoset and Thermoplastic Composites, Flame Retardancy, Low-Profile Additives, and Shrink Control

North Carolina (NC), USA

Expert in Thermosetting Polymers, Product Development Process, New Business Development

California (CA), USA

Expert in Thin Film Deposition, Chemical Mechanical Polishing, Semiconductor Process Integration

Illinois (IL), USA

Expert in Thin Film Deposition, Specializing in Reactive Sputtering

California (CA), USA

Expert in Thin Film Science and Technology

Georgia (GA), USA

Expert in Thin Film Science and Technology

Texas (TX), USA

Expert in Thin Film Solar Cell Testing; Semiconductor Optoelectronic Device Measurement and Analysis

Delaware (DE), USA

Expert in Thin Films, Coatings, and Instruments

New York (NY), USA

Expert in Thin Films, Vacuum Technology, thin film resistors, semiconductor processing

New York (NY), USA

Expert in Thin-Film Deposition, Lasers, Optical Spectroscopy, Cryogenics

Ohio (OH), USA

Expert in Third-Party Logistics (3PL) and Inventory Management, Supply Chain Optimization, Distribution, Logistics, LTL, Warehousing, 5S, LEAN, Six Sigma, and Cycle

California (CA), USA

Expert in Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery/General Surgery

New Jersey (NJ), USA

Expert in Thoracic Surgery: Thoracoscopic surgery


Expert in Threaded Fasteners Reliability

Michigan (MI), USA

Expert in Three Phase Motors, Single Phase Motors, Pumps Motors & Windmill Alternators - Design & Development


Expert in Thyratrons

Pennsylvania (PA), USA

Expert in Thyroid Research

Nova Scotia, Canada

Expert in Tilapia and Carp Genetic Stock Improvement, Hatchery Design, Mass Seed Production and Farming


Expert in Tile, Stone, Coatings, Sealants, Epoxies, Polyurethanes, Slips/Fall, Elevators/Escalators, Mold

New Jersey (NJ), USA

Expert in Time Series Analysis, Market Response, Market Mix, Market Segmentation, Survival Analysis

Illinois (IL), USA

Expert in Tire Design & Development


Expert in Tire Design and Fabrication

South Carolina (SC), USA

Expert in Tire Design, Construction, Performance, Failure and All Related Matters

SA, Australia

Expert in Tires: Purchasing, Transportation Trends, Rubber Selection, Business Analysis, Outsourcing, etc.


Expert in Tissue and Towel Papermaking, Energy and Water Conservation

Florida (FL), USA

Expert in Titanium & Aluminum Anodize, All Plating and Finishing

Ohio (OH), USA

Expert in Titanium and Titanium Alloy Applications, High-Strength Weldable Titanium Alloys, Hot Rolls, etc.

Russian Federation

Expert in Titanium Dioxide Pigment Design, Market, Application Development, Coatings, paints, chinese pigment


Expert in Titanium Metallurgy and Technology

Ohio (OH), USA

Expert in Titanium Welding, Zirconium Welding, Hastaloy Welding, Stainless Steel Welding

Quebec, Canada

Expert in Title Insurance, Escrow Closing and Real Estate Title Issues

Texas (TX), USA

Expert in TNA. TVET providers' Audits. Gap analysis. TVET providers' Capacity building. Competency Based curri


Expert in Tobacco Control, Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Psychology, Quantitative Analysis

London, United Kingdom

Expert in Tool & Die Industry, Sheet Metal Stamping Dies, including Management, Process, Estimating & Tryout

Michigan (MI), USA

Expert in Tooling, Engineering, Plant and Corporate Management, Supplier Development for Plastic Molding Proc

Michigan (MI), USA

Expert in Total Hip and Knee Replacement

New York (NY), USA

Expert in Total Knee Replacement

New Jersey (NJ), USA

Expert in Total Quality Management

Michigan (MI), USA

Expert in Total Quality, Supply Chain, Industrial Engineering, Lean Six Sigma, Baldrige, Project Management

Oregon (OR), USA

Expert in Total Turnaround Management, RCM, Precom & Commissioning, Bolting, Chemical decontamination

Western Australia, Australia


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