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Expert in Credit Card, Debit Card, Prepaid Card, Wireless Payment, Mobile Banking Payment Platforms, ACH

California (CA), USA

Expert in Credit Cards, Prepaid Cards, Consumer Finance, Personal Finance

New York (NY), USA

Expert in Credit Damage Measurement in Tort Cases and Family Law, Divorce

California (CA), USA

Expert in Crime Scene Investigation/Reconstruction, DNA Analysis, Shoeprint Identification, Bloodstain Pattern

Mississippi (MS), USA

Expert in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Operations, Technology and Organizations.

California (CA), USA

Expert in Criminal Justice Systems; Risk Assessment; Drugs Policy; Harm Reduction; Project Management

West Sussex, United Kingdom

Expert in Criminal Profiling, Forensic Psychology, AI, Neural Circuitries, Psychodiagnostics, etc.

Hawaii (HI), USA

Expert in Critical Care Nursing, Nursing Student Liability, Critical Care Technology

Massachusetts (MA), USA

Expert in Critical Care, Pulmonary Medicine and Neuro Critical Care

New York (NY), USA

Expert in Critical Path Method (CPM), Schedule Construction, Claims Analysis and Expert Witness Testimony.

California (CA), USA

Expert in CRM Billing Service Portal BSS OSS Voice Video Internet Network Mobile Wireless Ethernet IP Optical

Texas (TX), USA

Expert in CRO in Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, API, CRAMS, Speciality Chemicals, Training


Expert in Cross Country High Pressure Steel Pipeline Construction, Design & Commissioning

United Kingdom

Expert in Crosslinked Polyolefinic Foam, EVA Foam, XLPE Foam

New York (NY), USA

Expert in Crude Petroleum and Petroleum Products Testing, Petroleum Quality and Quantity Complaint Assessment


Expert in Cryogenic Materials

Colorado (CO), USA

Expert in Cryogenics, Food Freezing, Superconducting Systems, Deep Refrigeration

Illinois (IL), USA

Expert in Cryogenics, Radiation Protection, Hazardous Materials, Health and Safety

Colorado (CO), USA

Expert in Crystal growth equipment

Kiev, Ukraine

Expert in Crystal Growth, Crystallography, Crystalline Solids, Polymorphism, Hydrates and Pharmaceuticals


Expert in Crystal Growth, Gem Synthesis, Gem Treatments, Causes of Color, etc.

New Jersey (NJ), USA

Expert in Crystallization

Massachusetts (MA), USA

Expert in Crystallization, Research to Manufacturing; Also Photographic Science and Technology, Photochemistry

New York (NY), USA

Expert in Cultured Dairy Products

Nevada (NV), USA

Expert in Custom Woodworking, Manufacturing, Recycling, Entertainment Center Wall Units Stretegic Planning

California (CA), USA

Expert in Customer Business Software

Massachusetts (MA), USA

Expert in Customer Driven Profitable New Products and Services

California (CA), USA

Expert in Customer-Focused Marketing and Organization Strategy, Research, and CRM

Connecticut (CT), USA

Expert in Customs Risk Management, Customs Audits, Trade Facilitation and Supply Chain Security, Logistics


Expert in Customs, Imports; Trade Policy & Compliance; Global Trade Strategy; Finance; International Business

Florida (FL), USA

Expert in Cutting Tools & Chemicals


Expert in Cyanoacrylate Chemistry: Basic Research to Production

Georgia (GA), USA

Expert in Cyber Security, Information Technology

Colorado (CO), USA

Expert in Cybersecurity

New York (NY), USA

Expert in Cybersecurity, Cybercrime, Cyberwarfare, Cybersecurity Technology Due Diligence, Venture Capital


Expert in Cybersecurity, Information Security, IT Security, and Information Technology

North Carolina (NC), USA

Expert in Dairy and Food Technology

Wisconsin (WI), USA

Expert in Dairy Cattle Nutrition, Feed Additives, Hay, Livestock Malnutrition, etc.

Illinois (IL), USA

Expert in Dairy Processing and Products

Minnesota (MN), USA

Expert in Dairy Product & Process Development: Ricotta Processing, Bifido Products, Probiotics, WHEY, etc.

Ontario, Canada

Expert in Dairy Production of Cattle, Dairy Management, Mastitis Control and Prevention

Washington (WA), USA

Expert in Damages in Securities Class Action Litigation, Valuation of Privately Held Companies, Governance

Colorado (CO), USA

Expert in Data Analysis, Experimentation Design, Marketing - Bus. Strategy, Process Engineering - Polymers

Florida (FL), USA

Expert in Data Analysis, Physics & Astronomy, and Technical Project Management

Wisconsin (WI), USA


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