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Expert Directory >> Experts: Flame to Food Chemistry
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Expert in Flame Proofing, Flame Retardants and Coatings for the Textile Industry


Expert in Flame/Torch Brazing

United Kingdom

Expert in Flare Design, Combustion & Environmental Studies (Radiation & Plume/Toxic Calcs)

Texas (TX), USA

Expert in Flavor Chemistry, Aromas

New York (NY), USA

Expert in Flavorings: Research, Creation, Application, Evaluation & Legislation

United Kingdom

Expert in Flavors and Fragrances Manufacturing, Compounding and Sample Services

North Carolina (NC), USA

Expert in Flexible Circuits

Minnesota (MN), USA

Expert in Flexible Packaging Industry

Alexandria, Egypt

Expert in Flexible Packaging Materials; Film Extrusion, Extrusion Lamination, Food Packaging, and Film Converting

Georgia (GA), USA

Expert in Flexible Packaging Processes: Rotogravure Printing, Extrusion Coating/Lamianting, Dry Bond

North Carolina (NC), USA

Expert in Flexible PCB (FPC) for Automotive Applications

Uttar Pradesh, India

Expert in Flexible Printed Circuitry, Rigid-Flex Printed Circuitry and Flexible Printed Circuit Materials

New Hampshire (NH), USA

Expert in Flight Safely, Flight Training, Simulator Training; Part 91 and Part 121 Operations

Tennessee (TN), USA

Expert in Flight Test, Aerospace Systems Integration and Safety Process Engineering

Florida (FL), USA

Expert in Floors, Slips & Falls, Floor Covering, Carpet, Wood, Stone, Rubber, Vinyl, Coatings

California (CA), USA

Expert in Flow Cytometry


Expert in Flow Cytometry and Immunology assays

Texas (TX), USA

Expert in Flow Measurement and Metering

Pennsylvania (PA), USA

Expert in Flow Measurement, Level Measurement, Process Control, Variable Speed Drives

New York (NY), USA

Expert in Flow Metering and Control of Water/Gases/Steam/Slurries/Sewage/Chemicals, Including Instrumentation

Minnesota (MN), USA

Expert in Flow Metering, Flow Control Devices, and the Water Meter Industry

Indiana (IN), USA

Expert in Flow-Induced Vibration


Expert in Flowmeters


Expert in Fluid Agitation, Mixing, Fermentation, Vendor Evaluation, Blending, Gas Dispersion, Biofuels

Ohio (OH), USA

Expert in Fluid and Thermal Science, Interfacial Fluid Flow

Minnesota (MN), USA

Expert in Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Instrumentation, Meter Mechanical and Electronic Design, and Prototype

Florida (FL), USA

Expert in Fluid Flow Systems/Heat Transfer Equipment/Porous Media Flows/Thermal Management

Oregon (OR), USA

Expert in Fluid Mechanics

United Kingdom

Expert in Fluid Sealing Technology

Georgia (GA), USA

Expert in Fluidization Processes (lab, pilot plant, commercial scale-up and start-up)

Texas (TX), USA

Expert in Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Analysis of Metal Ions by Chelation with Organic Ligands, etc.

Florida (FL), USA

Expert in Fluorine and Silicon Organic Chemical Process Engineering Applications at the Lab and Plant Scale

Michigan (MI), USA

Expert in Fluoropolymers and Surface Modification of Materials

Pennsylvania (PA), USA

Expert in Food & Agriculture, Education Technology, Market Research, Promotion, Import/Export Trade Missions

New Jersey (NJ), USA

Expert in Food & Beverage Product Development

California (CA), USA

Expert in Food & Drug Administration Rules, Policies, Procedures for Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

Illinois (IL), USA

Expert in Food Additives and Ingredients, Food Processing

California (CA), USA

Expert in Food Analysis, Flavor, Off-Flavor, Dairy Products, Wine and Beer, and Trace Volatile Analysis

Oregon (OR), USA

Expert in Food and Supermarket Industry

Minnesota (MN), USA

Expert in Food Chemistry & Shelf Life

Oregon (OR), USA

Expert in Food Chemistry and Nutrition, Folic Acid, Vitamin Metabolite, etc.

Rhode Island (RI), USA

Expert in Food Chemistry, Food Product Development, Starch Chemistry, Food Carbohydrates, Human Nutrition

Nebraska (NE), USA

Expert in Food Chemistry, Sensory Evaluation, Food Microbiology, Laboratories Accreditation, Quality Systems



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