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Acid Dissociation Constant Experts

The following experts are available as acid dissociation constant consultants and acid dissociation constant expert witnesses.  ORC experts are peer-recommended authorities who have been carefully selected and rigorously screened.
    Definition:  Acid Dissociation Constant - A constant that is equal to the product of the hydrogen ion concentration and the conjugate base of a weak acid divided by the concentration of the acid. It is a measure of the degree to which the acid dissociates in water.

Synonyms:  Ka, pKa, weak acid dissociation constant

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Acid Dissociation Constant Experts
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Expert in Analytical Chemistry, data analysis, liquid and gas chromatography and chemical separation science,
Chromatography. For the past 35 years, expert has specialized in many different sub-fields of chromatography, including HPLC, reversed phase LC, gas chromatography, affinity chromatography, and ion chromatography. He has published extensively in all of ... See full profile

Minnesota (MN), USA

Expert in Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Analysis of Metal Ions by Chelation with Organic Ligands, etc.
Fluorescence spectroscopy. Expert has worked in the area of fluorescence spectroscopy for almost thirty years. He has published extensively on the influences of pH and solvent composition upon fluorescence spectra and has used these ... See full profile

Florida (FL), USA

Expert in Chemical Analysis
Expert has expertise in many aspects of modern chemical analysis. He has had extensive experience in the use of state-of-the-art NMR spectroscopy to solve problems in chemistry and biochemistry. These problems have included ... See full profile

California (CA), USA


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