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Adenosine Triphosphate Experts

The following experts are available as adenosine triphosphate consultants and adenosine triphosphate expert witnesses.  ORC experts are peer-recommended authorities who have been carefully selected and rigorously screened.
    Definition:  Adenosine Triphosphate - ATP. A nucleotide present in all living cells that is involved in energy metabolism and required for RNA synthesis. ATP acts as an energy source and stores energy in the form of high-energy phosphate bonds. The free energy derived from hydrolysis of ATP is used to drive metabolic reactions including the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins, to move molecules against concentration gradients, and to produce mechanical motion, such as the contraction of myofibrils and microtubules.

Synonyms:  ATP

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Adenosine Triphosphate Experts
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Expert in Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, DNA Forensics, Immunology, Virology, Vaccines, Antibodies, PCR, RNA, FDA submissions
Expert was trained in nucleic acid biochemistry and has made several contributions to the understanding of the mechanisms that regulate gene expression in human cells. At Sloan Kettering, his lab cloned tumor antigen genes which have been patented and ... See full profile

Connecticut (CT), USA

Expert in Biochemistry, Cell Biology
For over 25 years, Expert has been actively engaged in biochemical research either at the bench or in supervising a research group of about 10 technicians, students, and post-doctoral fellows. His biochemical expertise deals with carbohydrates, ... See full profile

Oklahoma (OK), USA

Expert in Exercise Rehabilitation and Prevention and outcomes- based exercise programs
Expert has applied his exercise physiology background and knowledge of integrative physiology to physical medicine and rehabilitation for a multitude of chronic illness populations. This includes those diagnosed or at risk for; cardiovascular disease, ... See full profile

Delaware (DE), USA

Expert in RNA Polymerase, Antibacterial Agents, Antituberculosis Agents, Drug Discovery, Biodefense
Expert has experience working with bacterial complexes and transcriptions. He has worked in areas to of antibacterial agent sand antituberculosis as well. His work used tools of drug discovery and structural biology. Expert has Ph. See full profile

New Jersey (NJ), USA


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