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Poloxamer Experts

The following experts are available as poloxamer consultants and poloxamer expert witnesses.  ORC experts are peer-recommended authorities who have been carefully selected and rigorously screened.
    Definition:  Poloxamer - A block copolymer of the polyoxypropylene-polyoxyethylene copolymer type that has a molecular weight which can range from 1000 to more than 16,000. It is generally soluble in aromatic solvents and acetone, but insoluble in ethylene glycol. Poloxamers may be surfactants, emulsifiers, or stabilizers, and are used as food additives, defoamers, antistatic agents, demulsifiers, detergents, wetting agents, and gelling agents.

Synonyms:  methyl oxirane polymer, polyethylenepolypropylene glycol

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Poloxamer Experts
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Expert in Immunoreagents, Clinical Reagents, Surfactant Science
Expert developed, created and adapted immunoassays for flagship auto analyzers. Using a variety of surfactants, he engineered reagents, controls and calibrators for immunoassays of thyroids (T3, FT3, T4 and FT4), reproductive hormones (FSH, LH, hCG and ... See full profile

New York (NY), USA

Expert in Detergent Formulation, Detergent Testing
Expert, an industrial chemist with 48 years of industrial and commercial experience, runs a small R&D laboratory that specializes in formulating and testing household laundry detergents and other household products. See full profile

New York (NY), USA

Expert in Polyethylene Oxide, Toxic or Flammable Chemicals, Fire Science, Specialty Chemicals, etc.
Expert has over 30 years of experience in the practical application of rheological principles for solving industrial problems. He has worked with the characterization, optimization, and formulation of hundreds of products worldwide. See full profile

New York (NY), USA

Expert in Biodegradable Systems for Controlled-Release Drug Delivery
Expert has a D.Sc. in bioorganic chemistry, a Ph.D. in polymer chemistry and over 25 years of experience in analytical and physical chemistry of biopolymers. In a very recent assignment Expert has established and directed an analytical chemistry ... See full profile

California (CA), USA


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