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Sodium Fluoride Experts

The following experts are available as sodium fluoride consultants and sodium fluoride expert witnesses.  ORC experts are peer-recommended authorities who have been carefully selected and rigorously screened.
    Definition:  Sodium Fluoride - An inorganic compound of the formula NaF. Properties: clear crystals or white powder; poison; eye irritant; experimental teratogen; phytotoxic; emits toxic F-, Na2O fumes when heated. Uses include: insecticide, pesticide; wood preservation; electroplating; fluoridation of water; frosting glass.

Synonyms:  Chemifluor, Florocid, FNa, NaF, roach salt

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Sodium Fluoride Experts
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Expert in Human Toxicant Effects
Expert is an expert in human environmental pathology and toxicology. He provides laboratory investigations of occupational and environmental diseases for the purpose of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. The prevention team conducts research on human ... See full profile

Minnesota (MN), USA

Expert in Mass Spectrometry, HPLC/MS, Ion Trap MS, LC/MS/MS in environmental, food, proteomic and pharmicutical analysis
Expert has been responsible for developing mass spectroscopic methods for use on environmentally and biologically significant compounds. While he has employed HPLC/MS and CE/MS on quadrupoles, sectors and ion trap mass spectrometers for positive and ... See full profile

North Carolina (NC), USA

Expert in Homogeneous Catalysis, Water oxidation, CH oxidation, inorganic chemistry, organometallic chemistry
Expert is an expert in alkane and alkene chemistry and can provide insight into aspects of oxidation, partial oxidation, hydrogenation, hydrosilation, hydroformylation, and polymerization. Expert is knowledgeable of all aspects of the ... See full profile

Connecticut (CT), USA


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