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Supercritical Water Oxidation Experts

The following experts are available as supercritical water oxidation consultants and supercritical water oxidation expert witnesses.  ORC experts are peer-recommended authorities who have been carefully selected and rigorously screened.
    Definition:  Supercritical Water Oxidation - Oxidation of organic compounds using water kept in the supercritical state, or water that is midway between a liquid and a vapor and at a temperature above its critical point. This type of oxidation may be performed in order to destroy impurities in wastewater, such as for use in a life-support system for humans in space. Organic compounds undergoing this process require a short residence time, typically less than five minutes, and the oxidation rate is above 99%.

Synonyms:  SCW oxidation

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Supercritical Water Oxidation Experts
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Expert in Fuel Cell Manufacturing
Expert has been developing chemical process technology for industrial materials and chemical firms for over 14 years. He has developed several novel chemical processes, including those for synthesis of advanced ceramic powders, ... See full profile

Ohio (OH), USA

Expert in Supercritical Fluid Technology
Expert has extensive experience in the theory and practical use of capillary GC. He has considerable knowledge in multidimensional strategies, troubleshooting, capillary column technology, injector designs, detection schemes, and current ... See full profile

Pennsylvania (PA), USA

Expert in Life Support and Low-Temperature Plasma
Expert has expertise in life support systems for humans in space. He has extensive experience in physico-chemical approaches to recycling water and oxygen in space, oxygen storage, and processing solid wastes. See full profile

California (CA), USA

Expert in Environmental Management, Experimental Designs, Refinery Processes
Expert discovered and patented methods and catalysts for reducing SOx emissions from fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) operations. He designed and constructed testing equipment for fast turnaround and low cost screening of SOx catalysts. See full profile

California (CA), USA

Expert in Adsorption Technology (PSA, TSA, VSA, and All Adsorption Processes)
Expert runs a gas processing technology consultancy and is a Professor in an Australian university's Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering department. His experience in energy and the environment spans over 20 years and includes R&D, management and ... See full profile

Victoria, Australia


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