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Corporate and Legal Success

With ORC Experts

ORC clients report tremendous value in working with our experts to address their diverse needs for expertise.  ORC experts currently cover over 30,000 areas of expertise, and we are adding new experts and areas every day.  Below are examples of the range of both Corporate Success and Legal Success achieved by simply submitting ORCís Expert Request form.

Corporate Success with ORC Experts   (Jump to
Legal Success)

Market Intelligence Heats Up Product Development

A specialty chemical producer needed to determine the application and market potential for a novel corrosion inhibitor for use as an additive in antifreeze. The company used an ORC expert to obtain the market intelligence they sought. During a one hour phone call, an expert with 20 years of technical experience in antifreeze formulations provided the first-hand knowledge that accelerated product development for the manufacturer.  Request an ORC Expert

Product Support Enhanced with External Experts

When the applications support engineer at a specialty chemical company received calls from two of its customers requesting help with sealing glass to titanium, he set out to learn all he could about the process. Faced with limited time and resources, he turned to ORC experts and quickly identified two material scientists with expertise in sealing glass to metal. He called them both. The experts thoroughly explained the procedure over the phone, and shared their experience with the process. They also offered tips regarding application. "It's amazing what I picked up from two phone calls," he said. "I would have spent 1 to 2 weeks uncovering that kind of detail on my own. The experts gave me the confirmation I needed to counsel my customers. They were very impressed with my fast response time!"  Request an ORC Expert

Project Saved by Substituting Materials

Field tests on a manufacturer's new roadside flare confirmed that it burned too quickly. Needing a fast solution to keep the product development schedule on track, the project leader called an ORC expert who also consults with tobacco companies. He suggested a coated cardboard substrate that, when properly shaped, would exhibit the 'slow-burn' properties needed for the new flare device.  Request an ORC Expert

New Process Side Effect Fixed

A sporting goods manufacturer had recently implemented a new manufacturing process that increased the longevity of one of its products, but lead to strange rattling sounds during actual use. Three ORC experts helped the team revise and optimize certain chemical formulations that dramatically improved the situation. Six months later, the client reported no evidence of the rattling sounds, and projected that the product's shelf life had increased four-fold. Market acceptance increased, enhancing revenues and increasing market share.  Request an ORC Expert

Money Saved with Salvaged Products

An electronics firm salvaged $400,000 in integrated circuits containing an out-of-spec solder, thanks to an ORC coatings expert. The expert confirmed the ICs could be re-coated and identified suppliers to do the job.  Request an ORC Expert

Money Saved on Complex Product Development

A major electronic-component manufacturer turned to a team of three ORC experts for assistance in creating and marketing a multi-media device for cars. The product would give drivers access to the Internet, satellite directions, audio/video entertainment and more. The experts provided intelligence to support the manufacturing, distribution, and retailing phases of the project. The team also investigated flat-panel display technologies, including strengths and weaknesses, trends and automotive applications. The manufacturer credits the ORC experts with saving $300,000 in business development and supplier-related costs.  Request an ORC Expert

Manufacturing Costs Reduced

A design engineer at a food processing equipment manufacturer made a call to an ORC expert in computer-aided automation that led to $240,000 in assembly savings for his company.  Request an ORC Expert

Months Saved on Supplement Development

A manufacturer of animal health products was experiencing difficulty in maintaining batch consistency in an oral iron supplement for baby pigs. In order to reformulate the product, they needed to find an expert in a specialized branch of chemistry known as chelation. A call to an ORC expert, a specialist in iron supplementation with a working knowledge of chelation chemistry, provided the company's food scientists the insight in developing the right formulation. The company credits the expert with saving at least three months of development time.  Request an ORC Expert

Cross-Industry Knowledge Avoids Mistake

An engineer phoned an ORC expert in food irradiation, to see if the process could be used to destroy bacteria in a chemical plant. Upon review, the expert identified a vital ingredient that would lose its potency if irradiated. The early discovery saved weeks of testing and led to an alternative process.  Request an ORC Expert

Equipment Expense Reduced

A production manager needed a way to more accurately and economically measure the circular motion of rollers on a production line, without having to purchase costly equipment. An ORC expert in control systems quickly zeroed in on the line's encoders and explained how they could be inexpensively modified to achieve greater accuracy. The call saved $7,000 in new equipment costs.  Request an ORC Expert

Better Material Identified

By consulting with two ORC experts in the area of substituting plastic for metal, an engineer confirmed that plastics could replace steel components in his firm's line of conveyer products. The conversion lowered unit costs by 15% and allowed for a wider range of design options.  Request an ORC Expert

No Guesswork for a New Process

A company was developing a new oven to cure-dip deposited coatings on expanded metal. That process required a machine to control airflow and temperature. The design team was unsure of how to obtain accurate measurements of airflow and temperature and knew the solution would require a fair amount of guess work. Through ORC, they contacted a world-class heat transfer expert whose knowledge and counsel minimized the guesswork and saved at least $50,000 in research and design time.  Request an ORC Expert

The Right Tests Lead to Product Improvements

A designer and manufacturer of aluminum air-to-air heat exchangers for agricultural, industrial and residential applications needed to explore rust-resistant alternative materials that were less susceptible to rapid corrosion, yet could provide high levels of head exchange efficiency. The central question was: What are the heat transfer characteristics of the current product design and how will they change when different materials such as aluminum alloys, stainless steel and plastics are used in the heat exchanger plate? Over the phone, an ORC expert from a major research university outlined the procedures needed to evaluate the heat transfer loss that could be attributed to each of the materials under consideration. Based on the evaluation, the company now uses three different materials in its heat exchangers and has strengthened it product line.  Request an ORC Expert

New Markets Opened with Product Adaption

By talking to an ORC expert, the technical director at a small defense contractor learned how to adapt his company's specialized sensor technology to a commercial market. The call opened the door to bid on a $10 million project.  Request an ORC Expert

Equipment Problem's Cause Confirmed

Engineers suspected the cause of an isolated thermal problem in the operation of a key piece of equipment, but they needed confirmation. They turned to ORC to consult with an authority in fluid mechanics. Upon describing the situation, which involved an unusual reaction to thermal changes and a decreasing flare control of gas, the expert was able to confirm their original theory. The successful interaction allowed the company's engineers to quickly remedy the problem, saving time and money.  Request an ORC Expert

Time Saved with Testing Redesign

A researcher was devising a set of experiments to measure the effects of a chemical environment on product performance. Throughout this time-consuming task, he suspected it might be possible to generate the needed data with fewer tests. He contacted an ORC expert specializing in experiment design and data analysis. After just two telephone conversations, the scientist was able to reduce the number of experiments by one-third. The expert also helped analyze early test results.  Request an ORC Expert

Product Development Team Calls in Expert

A maker of electro-optical controls for automated manufacturing needed a special adhesive to function as a sealant between two polymer layers in the formation of a new acrylic lens. Although the development team was composed of optics experts, they knew little about adhesives. Turning to ORC, the team leader soon identified and contacted an adhesives expert. The expert reviewed selection criteria, provided advice and also referred the client to a second expert in the field. The input from two network scientists led to the selection of the ideal adhesive, enabling the team to develop and launch a successful new product line.  Request an ORC Expert

Cross-Industry Expertise Yields Solution

Engineers at a heart valve manufacturer overcame a seal problem by calling an ORC expert in submarine technology. The solution led to a better, safer valve that reached the market three months early.  Request an ORC Expert

A Million Dollars of Waste Eliminated

You wouldn't think squeezing an extra half-gram of ointment into a two-gram tube would be such a big deal, but the 25% to 50% "giveaway" volume was costing a major pharmaceutical producer dearly. Recognizing that the problem was inherent in the tube filler design, the equipment engineer in charge sought the advice of an ORC expert. A quick search put him in touch with an expert in metered pump applications involving high-viscosity fluids. After listening to the problem, he told the engineer about a metering pump manufacturer that could ensure precision filling within .03percent of the 2-gram allotment. The new meter was installed. Following initial debugging and optimization, the new meter led to a highly precise filling operation that is saving the company an estimated $1 million a year.  Request an ORC Expert

Downtime Saved, Rework Reduced

When a maker of implantable telemetry devices that enable researchers to humanely monitor vital signs of laboratory animals experienced a failure in the process that adheres a bio-compatible film to the device's plastic housing, assembly operations came to a halt. The firm's director of quality and productivity found an ORC expert, an authority in adhesion and surface chemistry. The expert explained the chemistry behind the current surface-treatment method. He then recommended an alternative thermal-based process that would yield the desired adhesion and coating thickness. The expert's suggestions were implemented, saving thousands of dollars in downtime and streamlining the company's assembly operation by greatly reducing rework. The expert's ideas also improved the biocompatibility of the company's product line.  Request an ORC Expert

Best Practices Identified

To better serve its internal and external clients, a product development team wanted to learn what other companies were doing in the critical area of testing processes and procedures. Via the ORC network, a leading authority in product development process control was tapped. Using a best practices questionnaire drafted by the expert, the company interviewed technical managers at companies across multiple industries. The expert was then called upon to analyze all interview findings and prepare an informative summary, complete with recommendations for streamlining and improving the team's testing processes.  Request an ORC Expert

Redesign Avoided with a $3 Can of Paint

Lowering the temperature inside a cast aluminum housing that contained an electronic throttle system was proving to be quite a challenge for a project leader and staff at a specialty controls manufacturer. Faced with redesigning the entire unit, they decided to run the problem by an ORC expert. They were soon on the phone with a renowned expert in heat transfer whose advice was simple and direct: "Paint the inside of the housing black." He explained that the darker color would absorb the heat and make it dissipate faster from the housing, thus lowering the unit's operating temperature. The problem was solved that afternoon with a $3 can of black spray paint.  Request an ORC Expert

Material Change Saves New Product from Exploding

A manufacturer of electronic fixtures for the trucking industry was unable to determine the proper epoxy resin for use as a potting compound in a new product. The development team spent several weeks gathering samples from suppliers, only to have the materials react explosively to a plastic used in the product. Even the suppliers were stymied. A call to an ORC expert led to the identification of several specialists in epoxy resin chemistry. In the course of a 35-minute call, the expert explained why their initial choices had exploded. He then suggested an ideal resin for the application that would comply with regulatory standards and eliminate the need for lab testing. The team leader credited the expert's ready answers with keeping the project alive at its most critical juncture and enabling the completion of a successful new product.  Request an ORC Expert

Expert Chemical Analysis Finds No Benzene

An individual was claiming that a solvent he used in the work place contained benzene and caused him to develop leukemia. Through chemical analysis an ORC expert conclusively showed that benzene was not present in the solvent.  Request an ORC Expert

Overseas Market Expansion Launched

What is the typical washing temperature for clothing in Japan? What is the water hardness in Taiwan? What's the average wash load size in Korea? To the technical marketers responsible for introducing a new biodegradable laundry soap to Far East markets, these were not trivia game questions. The answers would comprise the "go/no-go" information for expansion into new markets. Mindful that primary research was expensive and time consuming, the marketers wondered if the answers existed elsewhere. A brief search of the ORC expert network uncovered an appliance design engineer who had helped develop washing machines for international markets. In the first phone call, he answered most of the marketers' questions and provided the insight needed to make informed decisions about the market opportunity.  Request an ORC Expert

Design Review Provides Powerful Results

An ORC expert was retained by the owner of a hydroelectric project to monitor the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) design of twin runners for a reaction hydraulic Francis turbine unit because the CFD contractor had never previously designed a turbine runner. The owner wanted an ongoing expert design review to ensure the suitability of the runner design in comparison to Francis runners in general. The expertís critiques contributed to the success of the project with the final result being the unit produced 20% more power at a lower head than the project had anticipated.  Request an ORC Expert

Analysis Reveals Acquisition as Best Option

ORC clients were considering an alliance, partnership, or acquisition of a company. This expertís role was to evaluate the products and capabilities of the company relative to other companies and the state of the art. He documented his conclusions and the client was able to make a judicious decision to buy.  Request an ORC Expert

Expansion Mistake Avoided

An ORC expert was asked by an herb growing company to investigate the prospects of a market expansion of a particular food industry herb for sales into the personal care industry. The expert presented detailed research that showed the percentage of use of this herb in cosmetics was too miniscule and the need too limited to warrant the grower spending time trying to market it to personal care product manufacturers. Without this research the company would have spent wasted time and money attempting to market this herb to an industry where they would not have gotten the anticipated return on their investment.  Request an ORC Expert

Product Design Assistance Results in Improvements

ORC was asked to identify an expert who could help with product design including identifying proper industry standards for the client company. After reviewing the design that the client company had developed, the ORC expert made 3 major suggestions that reduced the cost of the final product, made it more reliable, and put the client company in touch with a major supplier whose sourcing allowed the client company to manufacturer their product on-shore rather than send it off-shore.  Request an ORC Expert

Packaging Design Brainstorming a Success

An ORC expert was invited to speak to designers at a major packaging manufacturer about opportunities for custom packaging in food service. The expert presented on overview of the food service industry and specifically addressed restaurant operations from receipt of ingredients to delivery of finished menu items to the customer. The expert then led a brain storming session with the design group which was videotaped for presentation to company management. The company used this detailed information as the basis for the development and launch of several new packaging products for selected food service companies.  Request an ORC Expert

Green Production Process Enabled for Key Markets

Working with a manufacturing client, an ORC expert created profiles of the US and European marketplace for a selected family of industrial chemicals, prioritizing important opportunities and developing marketing strategy and implementation recommendations for ďgreenerĒ chemicals made using a new, environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Leveraging additional insight from interviews with key industry players and published information sources, the expert provided the critical intelligence the client needed to ramp up pilot plant production of the greener manufacturing process and deliver samples to potential customers in high priority segments.  Request an ORC Expert

Legal Success with ORC Experts   (Jump to
Corporate Success)

Warning Label Found to Have Been Present

A law firmís machinery manufacturer client needed to establish that they took effective measures to ensure the safe use of their product. One of those measures was proper warning labels. An ORC expert demonstrated that the warning label was originally present by identifying adhesive residue in the spot where the label was located.  Request an ORC Expert

Patent Infringement Found

Via thorough prior art research by our Research Analysts expert analysis, we identified a patent on advanced composites in a client's portfolio that was being infringed by several organizations in a market valued over $ 1 billion.  Request an ORC Expert

Invention Existed Prior to Patent

Our Research Analysts discovered an article from an obscure journal that helped to demonstrate a pharmaceutical invention existed prior to a patent being issued.  Request an ORC Expert

Design Claims Superseded

Our experts provided the technical knowledge needed to show the plaintiffs packaging design claims were superseded by prior art that successfully resolved the inherent thermal incompatibility issues caused by high speed IC devices and chip packaging technology.  Request an ORC Expert

Product Defect Cause Identified

Our expert analysts performed the analysis and interpretation of a volume of data to support the defendant's position that their greige fabrics were not the cause of defective pants. A historical data review of fabrics made by previous greige fabric manufacturers revealed that someone had changed the greige fabric specifications which when processed by down stream operations resulted in a fabric too weak to perform for its intended use.  Request an ORC Expert

Supplier's Products Identified as Problem

The plaintiff was experiencing discoloration of their window extrusions during sunlight exposure and received customer complaints and lost business. They tracked it down to the iron containing pigments that they were purchasing from the defendant. They sued the defendant for damages because the pigments were claimed to be "colorfast". Our expert report and deposition strengthened the plaintiff's position and gained a settlement.  Request an ORC Expert

Case Settled with Prior Art Identified

An ORC expert was not only an expert witness but also a fact witness because of his involvement in the development of the prior art. The case settled favorably for our client faster than normal because the expert quickly built a strong case blocking the validity of the plaintiff's patent on using a single processor for controlling the machine tool and work piece along multiple axes.  Request an ORC Expert

Non-compliance Found to Regulations and Standards

An ORC expert evaluated historical information regarding the management of asbestos containing material in a building with respect to state & federal regulations and general facility operating standards. The analysis showed that the company responsible for the building provided inadequate maintenance of the asbestos containing material. The law firm used those findings to demonstrate a reduction in the building's sale price for their client.  Request an ORC Expert

Pilot Found Negligent

A Helicopter Expert was needed by an ORC client for a wrongful death suit involving the death of a deputy sheriff. The chopper he was in hit telephone lines over a river. The ORC expertís examination of the evidence and knowledge of pertinent federal regulations enabled the ORC expert to show gross negligence on the part of the pilot.  Request an ORC Expert

Inadequate Design Refuted

In response to a wrongful death lawsuit, which asserted that an inadequate design feature of a coal storage yard at a power plant caused the death of an operator, an ORC expert was retained to evaluate the design and operation of the system. By utilizing the expertís engineering expertise to define good power plant engineering practices, the law firm was able to build a strong defense which resulted in a negotiated settlement of the lawsuit prior to trial.  Request an ORC Expert

Dangerous Machine Shown as Cause of Dismemberment

An ORC expert reviewed the safety requirements that were in place for a machine operator who lost his arm in a horrific saw accident. He was able to show that the machine was unnecessarily dangerous and defective after his thorough evaluation of the machine design and the guards supplied by the manufacturer. This case was settled out of court and helped the injured man receive a settlement to compensate him for his loss.  Request an ORC Expert

Patent Infringement Detailed

A patent litigation case involved the infringement of e-commerce kiosk technology for business centers at national hotel chains. An ORC expert for the plaintiff analyzed the defendantís product and provided a detailed infringement report comparing the accused product with the asserted patent claims. At trial, the expert was successful in explaining to the court both the complex technology and the asserted infringement.  Request an ORC Expert

Equipment Found to Have Been Altered

An ORC Expert worked on an engagement with us involving a piece of wood working equipment which was altered by the defendant in our case. His expertise and insight helped us to solidify our theory against the defendant and was instrumental in helping us obtain a successful resolution to our claim. We will be looking to ORC for experts in cases in the future. - William J. Gagliardino, Attorney, Gilardi, Oliver & Lomupo, Pittsburgh, PA.  Request an ORC Expert

Complex Case Filed over Psychiatric Treatment

An ORC expert consulted with a plaintiffís attorney regarding a complicated case in child and adolescent psychiatry. The expertís knowledge of scientific data and standard of care in the field were helpful in establishing a sound line of reasoning for the attorney to create his argument. Through discussion and brief review of medical records, the attorney was able to establish that there was a case, in time to file before the statute of limitations expired.  Request an ORC Expert

Ads Indicated to Be False and Misleading

An ORC expert, retained by a plaintiff claiming they were damaged by the defendantís false and misleading advertising, examined the advertising and other promotional materials used by a medical services firm to promote its out-patient surgical program to consumers. Based on his extensive consumer marketing and advertising experience, our expertís opinion was that the defendantís marketing materials were inconsistent with standard industry practices regarding disclosure of the risks attendant to undergoing a surgical procedure, that the materials obfuscated the true nature of the procedure, and overstated the sort of results a patient might expect if they opted to have the procedure. This case is still pending.  Request an ORC Expert

Aggressive Treatment Plan Substantiated

Knowing a disgruntled patient, right or wrong, is a lawsuit waiting to happen, an ORC expert was asked to evaluate the appropriateness of an aggressive treatment plan for a patient with an advanced stage of cancer. The analysis revealed that albeit the treatment plan was somewhat unorthodox it possessed scientific merit and proved to be beneficial to the patient. The treating physician was encouraged to manage other patients similarly.  Request an ORC Expert

No Negligence in Automobile / Jet Accident

An ORC expert was asked to review a case where an automobile, involved in a roadway accident, continued onto airport property and caused damage to a corporate jet aircraft. The expert reviewed both the Federal regulations for fencing around airports and the State Highway Department's criteria for guard rails. The report showed that the client was not negligent in any responsibility for the fence or guardrail and resulted in a favorable decision for the client.  Request an ORC Expert

Cause Identified with Elevator Issues

After purchase of 4 high-rise apartment buildings and having a power service upgrade performed, the client had experienced constant elevator failures and suspected that they were linked to power outages. Inquiries to the utility produced vague responses and even engaging a first consultant yielded minimally useful results. Approximately 18 months later, an ORC expert was engaged to evaluate the situation and provide an expert opinion to support pending litigation. The ORC expert went back to square one, examined the client's service upgrade application to the utility and noticed that there was no evidence of the utility performing a service load calculation. The expert, himself, performed this calculation and concluded that the utility service equipment was undersized, causing a low-voltage condition extremely damaging to the electric motors in the apartment complex, particularly the elevator motors. He also presented a technical opinion that showed the engineering basis for his assertion that undervoltage conditions shorten the life of AC induction motors.  Request an ORC Expert

Manufacturer the Source of Infestation

An ORC expert was asked to identify insects that were found in mold-infested products. The manufacturer suggested that the mold infested the products after arrival at its destination. After careful research and analysis, the expert discovered several insect species, all of which fed on mold. Because of the manner in which the products were packaged and then sealed, the expert determined that, in fact, both the mold and insects originated with the manufacturer. Furthermore, the insects exacerbated the transmission of mold among the products during packaging and shipment. The buyer used this information as evidence in support of its good housekeeping and management practices.  Request an ORC Expert

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